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More than 22 years of experience in refrigeration solutions

NH3 compressor
The quality and reliability of SABROE compressors and refrigeration equipment made them ideal for building larger and specialized package solutions.
SABROE compressor technology and refrigeration know-how can be combined into many innovative new refrigeration packages. A selection of the HORECO standard package solutions is shown to the left.

For a pleasant working climate in cold storage rooms it is very important to prevent draughts and keep sound emissions as low as possible. We have developed specific units for such working rooms, which enable optimum airflow routing with their special construction. The fans we use can be speed-controlled, and therefore efficiently operated at a low speed.
Hygiene requirements are very high in the food processing industry. Many Horeco`s evaporators and air coolers have already been awarded the HACCP Hygiene Certificate.
Evaporator and air cooler design features which the certification includes:
– Material harmlessness, approved for foodstuffs
– Good accessibility for cleaning
– Large condensation water drain
– No dirt traps (no nooks or gaps)

Air humidity is an important parameter for personal comfort in residential and commercial environments; the right level of air humidity guarantees a sense of well-being and productivity in the workplace. In industrial processes, air humidity control is needed to ensure process stability, product quality and quite often compliance with standards in force.
Adiabatic humidifiers bring about the direct evaporation of water into the air without adding external energy, and therefore without raising the temperature; the heat required for evaporation is supplied by the humidified air, which consequently is cooled.
These devices create a large interface surface between the air and water in the liquid state, on which a thin layer of saturated vapor forms, with a partial pressure equal to the saturation pressure at the temperature of the liquid.
If this pressure is greater than the partial pressure of the water vapor present in the air, as occurs when the water temperature is higher than the dew point of the air and the air is not saturated, there is a pressure gradient that brings about the progressive evaporation of the liquid at the expense of the sensible heat of the water and the air.

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