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More than 22 years of experience in refrigeration solutions


Our company provides our customers with a refrigerated fruit and vegetable storage system designed specifically for retailers.

The system is made up of a separate, modular, refrigerated room that is fully equipped with its own cooling system. Modular refrigeration chambers are the best solutions if you want to avoid major changes in the structure of your existing building. These units can be easily moved and installed either inside the existing plant or in a suitable outside location. Our design meets the highest possible standards.

Our refrigeration chambers are built only with top materials and components from world-renowned manufacturers. Floors, walls and ceilings are made of insulated panels with polyurethane (PUR, PIR) core to improve the efficiency of cooling systems and keep operating costs as low as possible. Refrigerated modular chambers are supplied complete with fully tested cooling system and temperature control system ready for use.


With our knowledge and experience in technological processes and their relative hygienic challenges, we are able to design and produce advanced equipment and to supply the necessary know-how and assistance to answer our customers’ production needs with adequate solutions.
For each installation class (ISO5, ISO7), HEPA filters with different efficiency levels are used. Air filtration takes place progressively; lower-protection filters are placed before those that have a higher protection. Progressive air filtration prevents damage to the higher-protection filters and their rapid contamination.

The most important environmental parameters are those that must be kept under control for the product’s quality, packaging, and waste material, energy consumption, machine functionality, and last but not least, the workers’ comfort.

These parameters are:
– temperature and humidity: humidity control, besides being fundamental for product quality, is also of great importance for problems in relation to corrosion, condensation on work surfaces, and the reduction of electrostatic charges;
– differential pressures: all rooms must be kept at static pressures that are sufficiently higher than atmospheric pressure in order to avoid any type of infiltration; any expulsion of air from the room must be counterbalanced by new air input in order to maintain the environmental pressure value;
– lighting: the level of lighting, its uniformity, and the color of the light must be controlled;
– noise and vibration: can be dangerous both for the workers and for the equipment itself.

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