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More than 22 years of experience in refrigeration solutions

HORECO offers complete solutions for factories, warehouses, supermarkets and stores.

  • Structural Steel Frameworks
  • Insulated panels for walls and roofs
  • Loading Dock Equipment
  • Warehouse shelves and cold rooms.
  • Refrigeration insulated doors
  • Industrial floors and coatings floor system
  • Modular metal shelving for shops.
  • Cooling and freezing installations
  • Monitoring and controlling systems (both conventional and PLC based controls)
  • Controlled atmosphere solutions
  • Humidification systems
  • Ripening systems
  • Active and passive fire protection
  • Refrigerated display cases, showcases and cabinets.

Structural STEELWORK

Many years of competence in manufacturing and assembly as well as experienced personnel on the one hand and the latest machine equipment on the other are the basis of our skill in steel construction. Whether it involves optimized steel constructions or industrial halls with universal use, together we develop integrated solutions for you and through the well thought-out prefabrication of structural elements, we create the prerequisite for the subsequent rapid, precise and on schedule assembly.
Regardless of the size of the project – we take care of every detail!

Insulated Wall Panels

Our large range of insulated wall panels can realise the most creative visions and meet the most demanding regulations and requirements.
Insulated walls, roofing panels, and cold storage products provide aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient, cost-effective building envelope solutions serving the architectural, commercial & industrial, and cold storage markets. Our insulated metal wall panels, metal roof systems, and cold storage products feature superior assembled R-value, unsurpassed airtightness, and exceptional moisture and vapor drive management. Insulated metal panels as single component insulated metal wall system increases speed of build because they minimize delays and the need for multiple trades. Because they use different materials, such as insulated steel and insulated aluminum, foam insulated panels for metal wall systems, roof panels, and cold storage panel products are able to fit every building application.

Industrial Door and Loading ramps

Industrial Gates open vertically and create through that space before and behind the door. Door elements are located parallel to the ceiling, above the opening or, depending on the orientation of the roof. The sectional steel doors of the 50 series, the steel-aluminum combination, or the aluminum conveying through a unique program diversity, top design and certified safety. The Compact Sectional Doors catch each panel in zigzag right behind the lintel. The low penetration depth is particularly advantageous for skylight halls, roofs and glass facades.
Loading ramps are solutions designed to suitably equalize the difference between different truck platforms and loading ramps. Thus, the load can be inserted or removed from the truck by a single horizontal movement. Solid steel constructions with a torsion-resistant platform level the planes even in the case of uneven loads of trucks, which tilts them to one side. Reliable hydraulic system with 2 lifting cylinders and a flap or telescopic claw cylinder fits all situations, is easy to operate and especially safe. As these loading ramps are provided with safety valves in the lifting cylinders, they are assured very quickly to stop in an emergency. This is important when a truck starts too early with the ramp still on its platform.
Industrial refrigeration door – The insulation value of an 80-mm door is considerably higher than that of a 40-mm door. Moreover, the panels are thermally separated. Practice shows that on average a door is closed more than 90% of the time. A particularly well insulated door leads to considerable energy savings and is as such a socially responsible choice.

Protection profiles

Full range of pvc profiles for protection of warehouse racks.
Designed to protect access to gates or big doors from huge traffic or simply to mark restricted areas for pedestrians. Fully equipped with fixing accessories.
A new bumper system specific for the protection of the walls resistant against trolleys movements. Designed by following an innovative
technical design that combines speed and simplicity in the steps of installation and cleaning.

Automazation & Electrical Solutions

Horeco offers a wide range of electrical panels automation refrigeration equipment. We made projects and implements upon request any type of electrical panels for fridge. Our specialists and engineers can implement temperature control solutions, automation systems type SCADA, power distribution solutions and monitoring solutions.

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